Microblading is the artistic technique of tattooing individual hair strokes with a handheld tool called a microblade. Artists hand draw each hair to match the colour and coarseness of your eyebrows. Giving you gorgeous, natural looking eyebrows.

Generally, Feather Touch brows last 12 months and require Annual Touch ups, they can in some cases last up to 3 years (this would usually be dry skin types who don’t work out or go out in the sun for long periods of time) 

A topical anaesthetic cream and gel are used for numbing during your procedure. Pain thresholds vary from each individual person. We do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Do not consume any alcohol, fish oil, caffeine or take any blood thinners (Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Niacin) 48 hours before your procedure, this may cause excess bleeding and may affect your results.

This will affect your final result:

- Aspirin 

- Alcohol

- Caffeine (including all caffeinated energy drinks & food products)

- Fish oil (or any ingestible oils)      

- Minimise your water intake up to 3 hours before your appointment. 

All of the above is to avoid excessive bleeding during the procedure. Excessive bleeding means the brows won't heal as well as they should and won't last you as long as they could.